Time Winder

“Your own personal memory keeper!”

It’s not an app, It’s a conversation

Your phone is your most personal gadget ever! It is privy to some of your most intimate moments, and conversations….
That trip you took last summer. That funny conversation you had with your friend!! Your phone was there with you.

Imagine being able to talk to your phone as if it were your friend, and re-live all those memories together…. Well, now you can. The more you use it, the more personal the timewinder experience becomes!

Access Memories across your phone, and your apps.

“Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Photo gallery, Messaging apps, Memos…. you name it!”

Why a conversational UI though?

A conversational UI brings with it a lot of advantages, specifically for this use case.

It's intuitive

It takes the user out of the user flow. You want to share an image? great, just say so and let timewinder do the rest!

It’s a conversation starter… Literally!

After interviewing many users, It was clear that an app like this isn’t something a user would actively want to open and interact with. When something interesting does pop up however, the app can simply send a message and get the conversation going. Now the app will actively engage with the user and not the other way round.

That's it for this one