App audit and redesign



“Splitwise is the best way to share bills and IOUs and make sure that everyone gets paid back.”

I use this app a lot, it helps me keep track of my personal expenditure and all of my transactions with my roommates.

Although the app is great, there is potential for to to be even greater. With a dated and sometimes confusing UI, it’s time for splitwise to get an upgrade.

So let’s get to it then

The Existing User Flow

User Flow

Unclear Indicators

“It is difficult to tell if it’s a pie chart or a border trim”

Misleading controls

“That’s supposed to be a filter? I assumed it was a dropdown”

Hidden options

“Hey, I didn’t know I could attach an image, that’s pretty cool”

This is Alexander Garcia

The User

He’s 24, Studies in Philadelphia University.
Alex lives with Two of his friends from school.
Alex loves splitwise because it helps him keep track of his expences….


Whenever Alex goes grocery shopping, he usually ends up buying things for his roommates...

….Which is alright, but when he has to add the debts to splitwise, he has to whip out his calculator and start going through the entire bill, adding up everyone’s total….. and it’s annoying.

I wish I didn’t have to whip out a calculator everytime I have to find out how much my roommates owe me for a stupid grocery bill

Introducing The new SplitWise


Alexander fires up splitwise

He taps the “Add” button to record this newest grocery bill

Splitwise smartly suggests his roommates to add to the transaction

Select who paid, and how you want to split it

Scan the bill, and tell splitwise who bought what…. and you’re done!

Visual Design

Visual Design

That's it for this one